The constant buzzing, screaming and clattering of tools give you a picture of a construction site, the site is flooded with people, and someone is going while someone is coming. Now in a situation like this if you lose something valuable and important whom do you blame? No one, of course, you can’t just play the blame game and disturb the relationship with the people who are involved in building your house, you want to maintain a smooth and frictionless relation with them so they don’t take any grudges out on your precious home or office. So what do you do in a situation like this? You can’t keep making up for the unexpected losses from your pocket especially when you’re already paying big bucks for the construction of the building itself. Well. You take control of the situation and take all the necessary steps you need to take to secure yourself and your building from any kind of losses and damages.

First of all, protect your expensive materials; the construction site is full of materials like fixtures, tubs, basins, light bulbs, door knobs etc, these are the prime targets for theft so you must lock them up in a room and keep the key with yourself. A tip would be that once construction is started get a room ready first so you can use it as storage while the building continues to get built. The chances of theft are greater in houses where remodeling or renovation is taking place, so in that case either shift all your valuables such as jewelry, cash, and wallets etc to someplace else or lock them up in a safe. if you have an alarm system avoid turning it off, although workers would ask you too because the dust and noise from the construction activities keep triggering the alarm but instead of turning it off cover the sensors with plastic bags and stuff. One of the best ways of protecting one’s self from burglary and theft is to perform a through research on construction companies and pick the one with the best reputation; you can check their past records by talking to people for whom they worked before, in this way you will learn about the quality of work they do and their characters. Try to make surprise visits to the construction, do not inform anyone and just drop by out of the blue, do not fix a time for your visits as well, if you have hired workers to work day and night so you make surprise visits at day and night too. If your construction site has neighbors then request them to watch out for you, keep an eye on any unusual activity and make visits to the construction site; ask them to be extra careful at night and look out for any unfamiliar cars of trucks parked outside your house. Lastly check your insurance policy before you start construction or remodeling, look at all the things the policy does and does not cover.