A beautiful house that you are the first one to live in, sounds nice? Indeed it does, if you have a similar dream then it’s time to make it turn into reality. People say the most difficult thing in a person’s life is building a house, yes that is 100% true but with appropriate planning you can make the process as smooth as possible. Everything that is planned beforehand and organized in a proper manner turns out to be just fine therefore look at the house you’re going to build in the same way and you see hoe trouble free this process would be for you. So first thing first, if building a house is on your agenda you probably should decide on the location. Where do you wish to build your house? Near the country side or the city, if in the city what particular area; it can take several months for you to find an ideal location, the hold ups could be due to lack of an empty plot, the cost is too high or simple because you don’t like any. If the location is finalized then you have to worry about getting permit to construct, zoning and density laws, applicable taxes etc.

Next you should worry about the money, it is best that you budget yourself; once the house starts building money flows like water and you must have a threshold for the amount of spending you can afford. However if you feel you don’t have the appropriate finances to start building a house, don’t lose hope and feel discouraged because there are several mortgage and loan options available. After arranging for the finances you must hire an architect who will develop a plan for your house, like a blue print that your contractor would follow. Be very careful about hiring an architect and shop around so you can find the best price available, also if you’re taking a loan to from the bank to finance your construction show the blue print of your building to the bank so they can speed up the process. When you undertake the task of building your own house, you must be very flexible and patient; hundreds of problems would rise but that’s normal when you’re constructing something you just have to deal with them patiently in a pro active manner. Do not let these little problems become a burden on your mind, they are routine problems in construction processes and can easily be resolved, you freaking out wouldn’t help but only make matters worse. Be in charge of everything, do a healthy amount of research on all the construction tasks so you know what exactly is happening and if you sense a problem act on it, this would save you lots of time and would help finishing the house on time which would save you lots of dollars and trouble, of course.