How many times have you found yourself wandering in your dream world to a place where you can see the perfect house awaiting you; most of you would say a lot many time. I believe that everyone has a dream of building the perfect house, a house that is customized and tailor made to fulfill all your needs; the color of the paint complimenting your taste and personality, the number of bedrooms as per your requirement, the size of each bedroom like you wish etc but only very few of us actually follow up with this dream, why is that?

Building a house can be the most cumbersome task one ever engages in his or her entire life, it is a series of difficult step that one must take one at a time and only if step one is finished can you move on to step two. When thinking of building a house, the first thing you have to think about is, location; what kind of area you like, busy or calm, near to the country side of the city life, are of the land, price of the land etc, only after these initial problems are solved and you get hold of a land can you think about building a house, and not to forget the fact that just looking for land can take years and years. Then designing plans and specifications for your perfect home can take months, on top of that if these plans exceed your budget you have to look for a suitable mortgage plan. Just when you’re done sorting all this out you have to start rolling your sleeves for local building ordinances and zoning regulations; then you have to file a permit for construction which can take several days. Finally you come to the task of hiring a construction company, you have to look for reputable builders, those who will not only perform good quality work but would also act responsibly with your building and materials.
When the actual work gets started then you have the trouble of conveying your message to the builders; it is one of the most difficult tasks to explain to someone that is in your mind, but you must keep in mind that building a house is not something you can do on your own, you need support and team effort. Sometimes the builder might know more than you, so you have to trust his opinion in things you aren’t sure about. With complete homework, accurate planning, good coordination and crystal clear communication you can succeed in building a dream house. The purpose of this article is not to discourage you from building your own house but to prepare you for the problems you may encounter once you start a construction project. Building your dream house can be one of the most fruitful and rewarding experiences of a person’s life therefore you must take every measure to make this experience smooth and trouble free.